#Digital Agora

Interactive audiovisual installation
Kinect, Mac book pro laptop, stereo audio system, projector.

    Vienna, June 2016
The Internet has become the most advanced form of public space which ever existed, a digital Agora that aims to abolish all boundaries and include everyone at the same level. The incredible information’s flow of which it’s constituted is provided by a gigantic number of users, with the data they’re consciously providing as well as the metadata which is automatically inherited by their existence.

When entering the room, the visitor is confronted to an endless scroll of text, constituted of a real time monitoring of the most trending topics on twitter. The text is transformed in an unreadable flow due to the incredible amount of data created worldwide, making each voice inaudible.
Walking towards the screen, the shape of the visitors is materialized by particles emerging from the data flow, modeling the individual from the community.
The shape is responding to the movement of the visitor but its structure is constantly changing, reflecting the « plurality » of the individual components.
The visitors of the event can influence their representation by sending a tweet including the hashtag #untaggable.

This work aims to reflect on the relationship between the physical world and its virtual depiction, considering the ephemeral quality of the digital world as a crucial aspect for the viewer’s representation. This virtual environment offers a combination between a depiction of the physical space of the installation, responding to the analog paradigm “here and now”, and at the same time, the digital agora represented by the never ending flow of real time data on social medias.



Real time audiovisual installation
4.1 audio system, circular screen, full Hd projector,Mac book pro laptop

in collaboration with Andrea Cucinotta

Satellarium is an audiovisual installation generated by the movement of the satellites above the location of the exhibit. The visuals and the sound are based on the real time satellites position taken by an Internet database and processed with programming tools. The art piece was exhibited at the festival "Nell Arena delle balle di paglia" in Cotignola, Italy and is composed by a white disk suspended in the middle of an empty canal.

The disk represents the fragment of the sky visible from the location where the installation is placed and is imagined to be like a virtual hole on the space above the viewers
The satellites are represented like circles, having a precise diameter and thickness based on the magnitude (actual visibility from earth) of the related satellite. The sound is composed to be interactive with the amount and speed of the satellites passing at the same time and is inspired to the real sounds produce by these space artefacts recorded on earth.

The connection lines between the orbits forms an ephemeral constellation (polygonal solids) generated by the simultaneous passage of the satellites and constantly changing, representing the hidden astronomic presence of these human made objects in the space.



Anamorphic light sculpture, permanent installation
Wagenhalle, Stuttgart, 2016

This project is the result of a media art and construction workshop held by the collective for the 2016 edition of the Bauschule in Stuttgart.

In 2016 a group of more than 60 artists, hosted in the old train deposit in Stuttgart, where forced to move out of the structure due to its restoration. In this circumstances the association Kunstverein Wagenhalle decided to create a container city in the area right in front of the Wagenhalle to host the ateliers of the artists and some collective spaces and associations.

The Bauschule was an event that aimed to gather architects, artists, creatives and students with the intention of building outdoor spaces and facilities for the container city and its future inhabitants. With this great goal 5 groups of students directed by us and Constructlab realized 5 different projects trying to respond to diverse needs in the upcoming artist settlement.

The site specific installation “TAUT” wants to solve the lighting situation of the main square of the container city and, at the same time, to be a luminous sign for the container TAUT, a space that would host exhibitions and collective events of the community. With this aim we used 21 neon lights to create an anamorphic sign that can be seen from one point in the square, subdividing the amount of light to be useful for night illumination of the collective spaces. The light metal structure, used to hold the neons, forms an anthropomorphic sculpture standing on top of the containers.

A part of the workshop was also the creation of an audiovisual performance to be shown at the opening event. In this way we programmed a combination of light and projection mapped on the architecture following a music track obtained by recording sounds from the construction site. The installation and performance was thought, built and programmed in a period of a week in August 2016.

This work would not have been possible without the great help of Clemens Merger, Laura Baumann and Friedrich Hensen.
Special thanks to Marta Toscano, Aaron Schirrmann, Anna Michaeli , Aida Nejad, Veronika Schneider, Robin Bischoff, contain't.
Photography credits: Marta Toscano, Lisa Biedlingmaier, Luca Leardini, Constructlab, Bauschule Planning team, contain't, Maxime Lethelier, Riccardo Torresi.