Anamorphic light sculpture, permanent installation
Wagenhalle, Stuttgart, 2016

This project is the result of a media art and construction workshop held by the collective for the 2016 edition of the Bauschule in Stuttgart.

In 2016 a group of more than 60 artists, hosted in the old train deposit in Stuttgart, where forced to move out of the structure due to its restoration. In this circumstances the association Kunstverein Wagenhalle decided to create a container city in the area right in front of the Wagenhalle to host the ateliers of the artists and some collective spaces and associations.

The Bauschule was an event that aimed to gather architects, artists, creatives and students with the intention of building outdoor spaces and facilities for the container city and its future inhabitants. With this great goal 5 groups of students directed by us and Constructlab realized 5 different projects trying to respond to diverse needs in the upcoming artist settlement.

The site specific installation “TAUT” wants to solve the lighting situation of the main square of the container city and, at the same time, to be a luminous sign for the container TAUT, a space that would host exhibitions and collective events of the community. With this aim we used 21 neon lights to create an anamorphic sign that can be seen from one point in the square, subdividing the amount of light to be useful for night illumination of the collective spaces. The light metal structure, used to hold the neons, forms an anthropomorphic sculpture standing on top of the containers.

A part of the workshop was also the creation of an audiovisual performance to be shown at the opening event. In this way we programmed a combination of light and projection mapped on the architecture following a music track obtained by recording sounds from the construction site. The installation and performance was thought, built and programmed in a period of a week in August 2016.

This work would not have been possible without the great help of Clemens Merger, Laura Baumann and Friedrich Hensen.
Special thanks to Marta Toscano, Aaron Schirrmann, Anna Michaeli , Aida Nejad, Veronika Schneider, Robin Bischoff, contain't.
Photography credits: Marta Toscano, Lisa Biedlingmaier, Luca Leardini, Constructlab, Bauschule Planning team, contain't, Maxime Lethelier, Riccardo Torresi.