Real time audiovisual installation
Surround channel speakers, circular screen, full Hd projector, custom electronics

Sun Outage is a degradation or temporary interruption of satellite signal caused by solar radiation. In these moments satellites occur to be in between the Sun and the Earth, producing with its shadows an invisible eclipse. Satellarium II shows these astronomical events through a variation of visuals and sounds in the room in which it is exhibited.

The installation consists of a set up of multi channel surround speakers and graphics projected on a disk above the viewers, representing the fragment of the visible sky from the location of the artwork. Visuals and sounds are based on real time tracking of the satellites position and magnitude (brightness of a satellite as it appears in the night sky from Earth). The gradient on the background of the projection represents the sun and it is related to its real-time position in the sky.

This project also investigates the relation between light deflected and light reflected by the satellites: according to the time of the day, the satellites are represented as white or black dots, which diameter and thickness are based on their distance from Earth. During day time they are dark spots over the bright sky; a soon as it gets dark, they start reflecting the light from the sun instead of covering it so they are visualised as white points over a dark sky, creating dynamic constellations.

These interconnections between the dots generate the ever changing sound scape which is related to the amount, position and speed of the satellites passing at the same time. The sound is inspired from the real signal beeps emitted by these space artefacts and from the interference noise  produced by the atmosphere. In front of the circular projection, a LCD screen shows the name of the satellites orbiting above the installation and a counter shows the seconds until the next passing satellite.