Dual channels audio, laser projection, video projection - 35 minutes

Limited Sky is an immersive audiovisual performance that blends real-time data about space objects orbiting the Earth with live visuals and sounds.

Space, as the latest human colonized area, is a perfect laboratory to monitor how humans occupy and handle their environment. Its conquest has been meticulously documented since the first human-made object was sent into orbit in 1957. Nowadays, while there are about 6,905 active satellites orbiting our planet, there are also 36,500 objects larger than 10cm, 1 million objects between 1-10cm, and 130 million objects below 1cm littering space.

An interdisciplinary team of artists, musicians and scientists worked together to create a dynamic and interactive experience that highlights the impact of human activities in space through the use of real-time data. The technical implementation involves custom software that translates the data into visuals for a video projector and a laser module together with a generative sound composition.

The live act symbolically recalls the history of life on Earth from the appearance of the first organisms to the first space missions, combining laser and video projection in a dynamic composition. Percussive and textural sonic events provide a counterpoint to these visual cues, generating both calm and turbulent soundscapes. From the organic sounds of the first part to the cryptic signals of the end, the performance aims to drive the viewer in an immersive journey through our colonization of space, driving attention to the amount of human made objects constantly crossing the sky.

Commissioned by Vox Marmoris

Laser equipment: Laser Animation Sollinger