Æther Echo

Æther Echo is an interactive installation composed of two mirror modules offering an augmented reflection of the surroundings by the use of LEDs placed inside the object, glowing through the 2 ways mirror and from which emanates a generated sound composition. The balance between the reflection of the mirror, the light pattern and the sound are changing along the day depending on the ambient luminosity and the intensity of the patterns.

The audiovisual content is generated based on the environment in which the module is shown: local meteorological data which is fluctuated through the prism of the sun and moon phase. The human component is measured locally through sensors and globally by analyzing its relationship with nature as claimed on social media. The data collected is gathered and redistributed through a horizontal shift inspired by Philippe Descola's identification modes, theorized in the work “Beyond Nature and Culture”.

The work aims to integrate the human element within the natural environment by recomposing the picture of their gathering. The visitor and its surroundings are more or less reflected depending on the gap left in the generated visuals and the mirror form is used to unify in an image the environment and the subject who presents itself in front of its surface, while giving us a theoretical separation between the “real world” and its constructed representation. The augmented reflection comes as an intermediate vector of interpretation: a mediation between the elements.