Æther Echo
Real time audiovisual installation
multichannel speakers, custom electronics

Æther Echo is an interactive installation featuring two mirror modules that create a unique visual and auditory experience. Inside the modules, LEDs illuminate a two-way mirror, which reflects and enhances the surrounding environment. The two monoliths also generate a sound composition that complements the visual elements. The balance between the mirror's reflection, the light patterns, and the sound evolves throughout the day, influenced by ambient light conditions, humidity and temperature.

The audiovisual content is dynamically generated based on local meteorological data, influenced by the sun and moon phases calculated on location. The installation also reacts to human´s interactions through a PIR sensor, which detects the presence of visitors including them as generative part of the composition.

Visitors and their surroundings are more or less reflected, creating an intriguing interplay between the generated visuals and the mirrored environment. The mirror's shape unifies the natural surroundings and the visitor, while also symbolizing a conceptual division between the "real world" and its constructed representation.