[0.1-30]Hz STRATA is a site specific audiovisual installation that explores the realm of unperceivable seismic activity. By utilizing real-time data from online geological databases and on-site custom-made seismometers, the installation tracks and visualizes underground movements around the Calegio marble quarry in Carrara, Italy.

A dynamic laser projection is mapped onto the extraction site, establishing an interconnected relationship between opposing scales: the vast macro scale of the quarry and the subtle micro scale of constant seismic activity.  Through this juxtaposition, the site specific work prompts reflection on the complex interplay between human actions and the fragile equilibrium of the natural environment. The artwork conveys an abstract visual representation inspired by the constant dropping of little stones down the mountains, reminiscent to the effect of human erosion. Small dots of light are produced by an asset of 3 laser projectors according to the vibrations registered in real time by custom-made wireless sensors located around the site. The light elemets behaves like small stones, falling down the quarry and bouncing on the rocks they encounter along their paths.

The generated soundscape draws inspiration from the phenomenon of granular synthesis, creating an immersive sonic experience that mirrors the fragmented nature of seismic movements. 



project commissioned by VOXMARMORIS
video documentation
Olivia Corsi
laser equipment: LaserAnimation Sollinger
RF audio system: SilentSystem
developed in Touchdesigner and Max4Live